Construction of New Facility of Mailian Medical Kicks Off!

On October 18, 2017 saw the construction of the new facility of Zhejiang Mailian Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. A groundbreaking ceremony was held at the new site. In an atmosphere surrounded by mingled firecrackers and fluttered colorful flags, the company’s leaders and project leaders, along with the construction company Zhejiang Shengdu Decoration Co., Ltd. celebrated this moment together.


Figure 1: Leaders of ML Medical and the construction team


Figure 2: A wall-breaking ceremony at 10:18 by Du Xiaodong, General Manager of Mailian Medical


Figure 3: Mailian Medical’s new facility


The construction of the new facility means that Mailian Medical has marched into a new stage with the landmark significance. The company will fully implement the production approval and preparation work, establish a high standard production system and quality system, increase the research and development of the series of products, and strive to The company plays a leading role in the field of hemodynamic monitoring. Design sketch of the new facility:

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