Zhejiang Mailian Medical Devices Co.,Ltd was established in June 2016, located at No. 22 Xinyan Road, Yuhang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Yuhang District, Hangzhou. A high-quality, high-efficiency research and development team led by professors and doctors has achieved fruitful results after nearly 30 years of intensive research, achieving ownership of independent intellectual property rights.

We have currently three series of blood pressure products: the non-invasive continuous blood pressure per heartbeat monitoring system for O.R. and ICU, which has successfully completed its industrialization research and development, and is currently in the process of initiating the approval procedure for innovative channels in Zhejiang Province, and is expected to obtain the CFDA approval by the end of October 2018; the hand-held blood pressure monitoring system for general wards and ambulances, expected completion of industrial research and development before the end of May 2018, expected to be approved by the CFDA before the end of June 2019; personal smart wearable system, which is under planning and the company plans to set up a separate company to run big data in Internet.

The company plans to increase R&D investment in 2019 for industrialization of original research technologies such as non-invasive real-time blood pressure monitoring system for newborns, cardiac output monitoring systems, cardiac output testers, 24-hour dynamic cardiac output testers, and blood vessel hardness testers. Meanwhile, we will improve our product chain, integrate conventional multi-parameters into our products to fortify our competitiveness and market share.
Corporate Culture
  • VisionWhere there is pulse there is Mailian
  • ValuesPeople oriented, continuous innovative, united and pragmatic, responsible
  • MissionTo guard human life with technology
  • AimsTo be the world leader in haemodynamics
Sweep, pay attention to us
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